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Book stores and online suppliers have a long list of “how to” books and an unlimited supply of spiritual and practical guides for life’s questions. And every author has a different angle. Sometimes we just want to ask the pastor or have a confidential conversation with an experienced and Biblical pastor. We all have questions and the world is full of those eager to respond with what may be called a ‘bait and switch,’ baiting us with what sounds like a timely response only to switch direction to some other pre-formed agenda. In an age of confusing and conflicting theology, wouldn’t it be great to have an experienced and Bible focused pastor who will listen to our struggle and guide our search through questions and answers from the age-tested wisdom of God’s inspired Word. Well, here we are.

Our pastor has been steadfast in Christian ministry for over 30 years as a parish pastor, preaching and teaching the Christian faith from Scripture and offering personal pastoral counseling. Naturally, we are concened with security concens of posting personal questions and information online, but this forum can be the beginning. So, go ahead. Post your questions or dilemma to ask the pastor. At some point in the online communication, you may wish to proceed to scheduling a pastoral counseling or visitation appointment for further personal conversation.

Ask and you shall receive; Seek and you shall find. Ask the Pastor; He will guide you insight from God's Word.

Ask and you shall receive; Seek and you shall find.
Ask the Pastor; He will guide your insight from God’s Word.


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  1. Dean Schultheiss says:

    In times like these that we are going through today, it would seem that there should be a place that we can go to to find the answer to our dilemmas facing us today. We should all be comforted to know that the early founders of the Christian church went through the same issues spiritually. centuries ago, that as we are going through today. The major players of that period of time met, and through prayer and meditations and discussions, the Book of Concord was written. Today, thanks to the internet, we can find the answers to our questions on line for free. All we need to do is type in “Book of Concord” and it is immediately before our eyes.
    Consider then our Lutheran Pastors. They are all trained in our seminaries by information taken from the Book of Concord. What was found to be just and true then, is still taught in our Lutheran church today
    As a member of Faith Evangelical Lutheran Church of Irvine California, you are invited to “come and see” what we are all about.

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