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You have reached the Home page of Faith Evangelical Lutheran Church Irvine CA blog. With so many Churches and spiritual groups in our communities, you may wonder, ‘what’s a Lutheran.’

Welcome to the online presence of our congregation. We hope this introduction and posted resources will lead to a personal introduction and conversation for information, connection and encouragement in your spiritual life.

When you visit our congregation, you will discover a small group of sincere Christians who appreciate and practice an historic liturgical approach to worship with reverence to God, rich in Biblical reference and practical to address the issues of the day, in our struggle to balance the demands of life within a positive and cheerful Christian hope. We are a dedicated and truly Lutheran Church. This means that our ministry and Christian friendship is dedicated to the fundamentals which emerged from the Lutheran Reformation: grace alone, faith alone, Scripture alone (as the Bible teaches: we are saved by God’s grace alone, received by faith alone, and as declared by God’s inspired Word alone).

We hope that our online presence will pique your interest not only to understand what’s a Lutheran, but will lead you to visit us and that our ministry in Christ will become your spiritual Home for worship, service and Christian friendship.

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  1. Kathy says:

    Could you please tell me the days and hours of your services?

    • admin says:

      Kathy; Sincere apology for having missed your visit and post to this blog site. It’s on me. Frankly, I put a lot of time posting on this site, but lately spend more time on other social media platforms. Time to check in here more!

      Anyway, again, sincere apology!!
      If you’re still in the area, let me know and I’d gladly respond, as you wish.

      Prayer for God’s grace and peace through the Gospel of our Redeemer.
      Pastor Stehr, at Faith Ev. Lutheran Church, Irvine.

      P.S. Sunday Service at Northwood Community Center (4531 Bryan, Irvine — Yale and Bryan Ave), Sunday 12:30 p.m.

  2. Dale Jaech says:

    Greetings in Christ our Savior, Rev. Stehr,
    The Ladies Guild of Our Savior in Bishop have begun planning for the Womens Mission Rally to be held here in February. We would like to have current contact info for Faith, (mailing address, email address, phone, etc) including the Chairperson for the rally. To reciprocate in advance, my personal email is Exodus21-5@juno.com, my cell phone #218-4501-0127. Our Rally chair is Nancy Gilliland (kngilliland@sierragem.com, 760-258-4031). The mailing address of the church is 162 Sneden St, Bishop 93514. As Faith is co-host of the Rally, our ladies hope very soon to establish a working relationship that will enhance the Rally experience for those attending and encourage support for our ELS missions, especially with the new effort taking place in our SoCal neighborhood.
    Dale Jaech,
    Pastor, Our Savior Lutheran Church
    Bishop CA

    • admin says:

      Hi Pastor Jaech; I hadn’t been working this site much lately, but putting more time on other social media platforms. However, this one is important too. Our site “faithirvine.org” redirects to our blog, “faithirvineblog.org.” Anyway, just thought I’d try responding to you from here to check if your recieve it. Sometimes, it occurs to me that perhaps we pastors can help our congregation online presence by liking or otherwise promoting one another’s congregation online efforts. Who knows how the Spirit could guide someone here-or-there. Surely, there’s enough unseemly stuff out there. Shall we try to offer an alternative.

      So, is there something I can do for your congregation’s online profile?
      If you could just respond to this note, that would help me to know the communication is working.
      Our congr is also on TWTR; FB; and YouTube. I’ve wondered whether all congregations and pastors of our synod might like and otherwise promote one another’s online efforts, this might be a simple and practical boost. May you and I can begin?

      Alright, just rambling a bit here and thankful to see one another again at the Women’s Mission Rally, Lake Havasu City.

      God’s grace and joy in Christ, always.
      Pastor Bill

  3. Bill Stehr says:

    This is a test to see how the notification if relayed back through the blog site and what opportunities there are to follow up or generate some kind of discussion.

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